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Provider & Top quality controlWe offer thorough drawings and offer anytime essential. With detailed requirments, we can also produce your specific designed merchandise. We also can style and make non-regular products to meet up with customers’ particular needs.

Made specifically for FTTx applications, our EPTduct EPTors merge relieve of use, chemical resistance and capability to accommodate the substantial pressures encountered when installing fiber with micro-blowing tools. The transparent design and style assures appropriate attachment by making it possible for the installer to visually validate that every single conclude of the duct has been seated appropriately inside of the coupler. Once linked, the air and water tigEPTT seal will keep stress up to 232 PSI(16 Bar) in temperatures ranging from -ten degC to 60 degC.
These characteristics integrated into a drive-on, no equipment JCEP design, make Our EPTduct Cconnector an crucial component of the expert installers toolbox.

The solution comes in 3 distinct variations:
#8226 StraigEPTT EPTors are utilised to be part of EPTs of microducts.
#8226 Reduction EPTors are employed to be a part of microducts of different dimensions
#8226 Finish Stops are utilised to block open duct ends and prevent h2o and dust from EPTTring the microduct


* EPT to use, strong, and large mechanical resistance
* The locking clip secures very good link
* Superior qualities for EPTTting microducts into duct while mainXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. a high pressure resistance
* Even unEPTTdifficult situations very EPTT blowing distances can be achieved
* EPTions are watertigEPTT up to five meters beneath drinking water area

EPTnical parameter

* Physique EPT: Pc, effect resistant
* Collect EPT: POM, stainless steel tooth
* O-rings EPT:Nitrile rubber
Blowing Force:sixteen bar
* Burst Force:25 bar
* Temperature Variety:-ten ~ 60 degC * Insertion power:50N max (5kg)


Product code Description EPTtity (PCS)/ CTN
MRC-5/3.5-3/ five-3mm Changeover EPTor, bore 2.1mm 6000
MRC-7/5.five-three/ seven-3mmTransition EPTor, bore 2.1mm 3600
MRC-seven/5.five-5/three.five seven-5mm Transition EPTor, bore three.5mm 3000
MRC-eight/6-3/2.1 8-3mm Changeover EPTor, bore 2.1mm 3600
MRC-eight/6-5/three.5 eight-5mm Transition EPTor, bore three.5mm 3000
MRC-10/eight-7/5.5 ten-7mm Transition EPTor, bore 5.5mm 1920
MRC-10/8-8/6 10-8mm Transition EPTor, bore 6mm 1920
MRC-12/10-seven/5.5 12-7mm Transition EPTor, bore 5.5mm 1440
MRC-12/ten-8/6 12-8mm Transition EPTor, bore 6mm 1440
MRC-twelve/ten-10/8 twelve-10mm Transition EPTor, bore 8mm 1440
MRC-twelve.7/10-ten/eight Transition EPTor, bore 8mm 960
MRC-fourteen/12-ten/eight 14-10mm Changeover EPTor, bore 8mm 960
MRC-14/12-12/ten fourteen-12mm Changeover EPTor, bore 10mm 960
MRC-16/twelve-twelve/ten sixteen-12mm Transition EPTor, bore 10mm 720
MRC-16/twelve-fourteen/ten sixteen-14mm Transition EPTor, bore 10mm 720
MRC-eighteen/14-14/10 eighteen-14mm Changeover EPTor, bore 10mm 480
MRC-18/sixteen-sixteen/twelve eighteen-16mm Changeover EPTor, bore 12mm 480
MRC-20/16-sixteen/twelve twenty-16mm Transition EPTor, bore 12mm 240
MRC-20/16-14/10 20-14mm Changeover EPTor, bore 10mm 240
MRC-20/16-twelve/ten twenty-12mm Changeover EPTor, bore 10mm 240
MRC-22/sixteen-twenty/16 22-20mm Transition EPTor, bore 16mm 180
MRC-22/eighteen-18/14 22-18mm Changeover EPTor, bore 14mm 180

Merchandise particulars:


Why select us?

(1) EPTT, we only create prime-amount high quality merchandise, we guarantee that all of our product’s uncooked materials are very first class, and very good top quality technique controls, so our goods’ good quality is very excellent.

(two) Value, our coverage is that quotWin-to-Get quot. That implies in view of our EPTT-stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. enterprise associations, we only get tiny revenue to aid you for the marketing and advertising.

(3) Shipping and delivery, we alway have some merchandise in inventory, so we can total the supply in the time stipulated prior to.

(four) No MOQ, I consider it is an desirable issue to some of you who have no large demands for each things briefly.

  in Odesa Ukraine  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier China Made Microduct Transition Connector manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler